The beginning of the end.

Guest Post – Written by Claire

The phone call that told me I wasn’t the one.
My dreams shattered I’ll never be a mum.

My body has failed me, old before time.
No eggs in my ovaries, no eggs that are mine.

The lump in my throat, the ache in my heart.
My dreams are shattered, before they could start.

It wasn’t meant to happen, it was never meant to be.
I’ll never be a mummy, that paths not set for me.

Goodbye my dreams, goodbye motherhood.
I would have embraced you, I would have been good.

I am blessed with a husband, but he’s dealing with this too.
I hope our love is strong enough, I hope we’ll see this through.

So much we have to offer, so much love we have to give.
Now we have each other, the only life we live.

He would have been the best dad,
the best dad there could be.
But now that won’t happen and it’s all because of me.

Parents denied a grandchild, denied the opportunity.
They’re never be grandparents and again that’s down to me.

Now everyone is strong for me, brave faces all I see.
But deep inside their grieving too, and its all because of me.

I’ve never really asked for much, always known what I wanted to be.
But now that has been taken, I’m not sure what’s left for me?

No tiny hand to hold in mine, no precious face to see.
No little tiny person, that’s made from part of me.

I grieve for the loss of my unborn child,
For the life never lived, for the smile never smiled.

Of all the things life has thrown at me, all the things that I’ve been through.
I’m not sure how to cope with this, a life that’s just for two.

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