We cannot believe it,

it can’t be true.

The doctors were wrong,

We will finally meet you.


Hope we held onto,

hope that one day.

Our dreams would be answered,

you’d be on your way.


We saw your heart beating,

so little so small.

We are so excited,

we finally have it all.


But the next time we see you,

your heart would not be strong.

For it had stopped beating,

your little life was gone.


Now our hearts are broken,

the tears begin to fall.

We already loved you so much,

even though you were so small.


I’m not sure what is worse,

being told your never be.

Or having you for such few weeks,

growing inside of me.


Right now life seems so cruel,

how much more can we go through?

Will we be able to try again,

or is there nothing left we can do?


Be positive you got this far,

I hear people say to me.

But for us that one chance,

may be all there’s meant to be.


Hope is all we have left,

we cling on with both hands.

That one day we will have our dream,

we pray it’s our life’s plan.


If it’s happen once before,

then surely it can be.

Come on my tired body,

please don’t give up on me!




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