Every Day is a fresh start

Sometimes new beginnings are such a blessing. I am not a mad fan of change but I have accepted this concept more fondly the older I get. It used to give me anxiety when situations changed but after 5.5 years we are moving out of our current house and I’m actually really excited about it. When we bought our home we were girlfriend and boyfriend living a very simplistic working/social life. It was always the timeline for us and I am glad that we have stuck to it, life can throw such curveballs so its feels nice that this plan is still on track!! Fast forward to the present day and so much has changed and we achieved so much in our first house together.

Some wonderful memories were made in this house. Returning here engaged after our trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights in 2012 (which we didn’t see due to cloud cover) but I returning with a fabulous ring instead. Coming home after our wedding day in 2013 and hosting a bbq in the glorious sunshine with all our nearest and dearest. Returning after our honeymoon and most amazingly, bringing our beautiful little boy home from the hospital in 2016. There have also been some less amazing times too, some sadness and normal day-to-day life that everyone experiences. I am not sure why, the harder times in this house feel more obvious, maybe because we are still grieving? I couldn’t think of a more suitable time to make such a big change. One thing I really will miss is that my brother and sister-in-law are our neighbours! I mean they actually live next door attached to our house! It has been so lovely for the past year having them there and it really makes me sad thinking I can’t just look over the fence for a natter or Austin can’t see Missy their dog (he loves her). We are a close family, for some living next door to their sibling might be too much but for me its been lovely! We are only moving down the road so I am sure we will still see them lots!

Weirdly I don’t feel that sentimental about the actual house, I am so ready to move on and I think that’s because we have had a tough year and it feels right to start again. I am also very fickle about houses, I am constantly falling in love with different styles and I am excited about new interior design and plans. Our next home will hopefully be the house Austin grows up in and that fills me with so much happiness thinking about him starting school, sleep overs with friends and all the good times ahead. I really hope this is the house we can bring his sibling home to.

There really has been so much change in the last few years, especially not returning to full-time employment after my maternity leave finished. I am never sure what to say when people ask me what I do now. I am proud to be a stay at home mum and I never worry about what people think, it’s just I always feel the need to justify it? I really appreciate it is a privilege to stay at home. I sometimes get annoyed with the perceptions of what I do with my blog and although I understand to most it looks like I am just dicking around on Instagram, trust me it is so much more. The bigger picture of my goals and plans are well thought out and most importantly I am passionate about my writing.

I think it is so important to enjoy new beginnings as it can have such a positive effect on your mind-set too. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as moving house or starting a new career but always embrace the change and new possibilities, every day is a fresh start. We have an appointment this week with our consultant to discuss our miscarriage and where we go from here. I am going to enjoy focusing on myself for a bit. I’ve been pregnant three times in the last 2 years so my body deserves some time to recoup and mentally I am exhausted to say the least. I can’t remember the last time I exercised consistently so that’s another goal to focus on. Once we are moved in and settled I look forward to working more on my blog and also focusing on writing with my mum. A positive mind-set is so important and it’s why I am going to enjoy and embrace all the change. Moving house, building my blog and maybe thinking about the journey to motherhood again, gives me all the feels.

Exciting times!

Kate xxx

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