2 Lines.

July 6th 2015. The day we had our embryo transfer or as I always say “put home”.

After confirmation from the Embryologist we were told we would have a day 5 transfer (blastocyst) and we were thrilled to have got to this stage. The transfer was scheduled for 1pm in Harley Street at The London Women’s Clinic so we booked a hotel room the night before so we didn’t have to worry about any potential travel problems in the morning.


We went out for dinner but I remember not wanting to eat that much, too nervous. We got back to the hotel and I wished I was back in my own bed. Suddenly I craved some familiarity but knew that it was the right decision to stay in London that night. I tossed and turned all night, and I was still a little sore from the egg collection. Phil had to go into work that morning so and was going to meet me at the clinic later on.

The morning was all a bit of blur I didn’t really do much just sat about watching tv in the hotel room. I remember having a shower and just thinking how in a couple of weeks our lives could change forever. I was also dreading the two-week wait and wondered how I would keep myself occupied. Thankfully my work were happy for me to stay at home and work so had no pressure there.

I met Phil at the clinic and we were taken to a ward with cubicles all separated by curtains. Once the embryologist was ready for us we were taken to a private room and very similar to having a smear the embryo was transferred quite quick. we watched on the screen as a catheter was inserted into my uterus and we watched in amazement.


You can’t really see the embryo from the scan pic as it is so small but the embryologist showed us where and I can still see exactly where she pointed to. You can also still see some empty follicles (round dark masses) from my egg collection.

So we were officially PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)

I was amazed at how quickly it was all done and I remember wanting to lie down for ages to make sure the embryo didn’t fall out (it can’t). Phil went back to work and I got a uber home, clutching my tummy the whole time.

I stayed on bed rest for 48 hours and just enjoyed chilling out at home surfing between the bed and the sofa! On day 3 I began to feel some heaviness really low down in my pelvis, I can’t really explain it. That night when I went to bed I told Phil I felt different and really believed it had worked. We had so many failed cycles of treatments and this time it just felt different? The next few days were a mixture of taking it easy and just popping out to the shops to get out and not drive myself mad staying at home. The clinic had told me to carry on life as normal, nothing too extreme but just to go about my days as I would.

Nine days after the transfer I got up and out of bed and felt very nauseous. It was at that point I knew I was pregnant. I just couldn’t wait and headed straight to the bathroom to test. The hospital had asked we not test until 12 days after. So I guess I was prepared that the test could be negative. It was a stupid thing to do really as the disappointment could have been devastating.

But there it was. 2 lines that flew up so quickly I couldn’t quite believe it. I did another one straight away and it was exactly the same.


I was not prepared at all as I thought it was too early to show positive. I literally sobbed on the bathroom floor. I text Phil and asked him to call me asap. Naturally he thought something was wrong and when I explained on the phone I had done a test and it came back positive he couldn’t quite believe it. I also phoned the hospital but they asked me to wait until day 12 and then if still positive they would book a scan for 2 weeks time.

Our family and friends were incredible happy for us when we shared the news. Although we knew we had a long road ahead we felt that it was right to share the news with those that knew we were having treatment. These were the people who had supported us, been through the whole process with us.

We had a scan with our consultant 2 weeks later and I have never been so nervous. I was approx 6 weeks pregnant and straight away seeing the little heartbeat flickering away it began to feel so real. All looked great and we were told to come back in another 2 weeks to check all was progressing as it should.


Again we were thrilled to be told all was well, and everything looked healthy. It was then our due date was confirmed as 23rd March 2016. My husbands birthday. If ever there was a sign this was meant to be, this was it. All the pain, all the heartache, all vanished in a split second. Worth every injection, every procedure, every tear we shed.

Below are scan pics from the transfer, 6, 8 and 12 weeks.


I still remember transfer day so vividly. So desperate for us to be pregnant and so anxious for the two-week wait. IVF is such a gruelling process physically and emotionally   and you never quite believe that everything will be ok. Well I didn’t. After all the failed cycles of treatment it was finally our time. Our time to have our baby.

Austin James Meakin was born on the 24th March 2016 at 11.01am. Instant love from both Phil and I. Our little boy.

Kate xxxx

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