Lets Talk.

Welcome to my first post!

I think the best place to start is with our story and how it led me to start MrsMeaks.

So you decide to start trying for a baby. It’s really hard not to google the shit out of every symptom, feeling and aspect of becoming pregnant. Timing sex with every gloop of your cervical secretions whilst a thermometer hangs out your mouth and you’re quickly in a head stand after the deed is done. I am probably guilty of all of the above.

Then you realise something is wrong, you have a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and all the fun-filled thoughts of a romantic conception are replaced with hospital gowns, internal cameras and injecting drugs (fertility ones of course).

Suddenly your world crashes down on you and you lose all perspective and rational thinking. You trail through hundreds of forums and can only focus on the negative, sad experiences you read online.

Littlebud (Babies Under Development) is for all those in the pursuit of parenthood. It’s where I first shared our IVF story and I have added the link here so you can read all about the arrival of our long-awaited baby boy Austin in March last year.


Talking about fertility helps. Well I believe it does and over at littlebud they combine a mixture of the best resources available; news, information, advice and forums in one hub. I wish the site was available when we were going through our journey. So, head over to littlebud, have a read of our story and be inspired by lots of other brave couples on their pursuit to parenthood.

It really is hard to not feel completely consumed by the anguish of trying to conceive and I hope to share lots of positive, informative posts about how I looked after myself throughout our journey both physically and mentally.

Kate xx


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